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CLEMO-Tech is a company committed to providing the highest quality of satellite & digital aerial installations to our clients. We will ensure you are fully satisfied with any aspect of service we have and will continue to provide a professional service.

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Communal systems Communal systems Communal systems

Communal Systems

We specialise in installation of IRS and FSD systems.

Communal systems or “IRS” (Integrated Reception System) provide multipoint distribution of Digital TV, Radio and Satellite TV to multi-dwelling properties from two to two hundred rooms or residences, such as flats, hotels, holiday complexes etc.

Clemo-tech carry out this type of installation on behalf of a wide range of clients from small electrical contractors to major housing associations and councils. Read Our Testimonials.

From residential care homes to multi-storey residential blocks of flats clemo-tech can survey, design, build and then install and commission new systems or carry out upgrades or service & repair to existing systems.

We also provide a consultancy service to offer professional advice.

On completion of each new system the client receives a Notice of Conformity together with a signal report sheet indicating the received levels at certain points throughout the system.

Communal systems allow everyone to benefit from one system with no hassle of sharing dishes or not having the option of having sky as you can not receive signal from your property.

Now lets keep it simple for you:

If you already have a communal system and would like some changes please read on.

Basic aerial socket

Only allows you to have a free view service no satellite service for Sky or Freesat.
Aerial and single sat socket

This socket will allow you to have both free view and Sky satellite services. However this will not allow you to record and watch another channel as you only have one sat input.

If you only have a single sat input but wish to use the full sky plus features ie- recording etc we can arrange to have another feed run into your existing system. This will then allow you to have a simular system to below.
Twin sat feed, aerial & dab socket

This will allow you to use full services for Freeview, Freesat, DAB and Sky satellite services. Some systems also offer a hotbird service through the same socket.

If you have any of the systems above but find you only have a socket in the main living area we can arrange to have exstensions put into other rooms for you, from kitchens to bedrooms we can arrange to suit your requirements.